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Legacy Retailer Reinvention Project for Retail Management Course. The purpose of this project was to devise a reinvention strategy and implementation for a legacy retailer. To devise two strategies to grow/revitalize their business we analyzed their target customer and the retailer's state of business (sales and profit of the last 5 years, main competitors, SWOT).


Guess is currently falling behind in sales, trends, and brand perception. The new era of Guess will step away from the binds of the early 2000's and step into a modern aesthetic. 


- Guess reinvention will return to its European roots and showcase the ``modern sexy.´´

- The brand will begin to focus on their strongest product category being denim.

- Price Point will keep being affordable and the new quality and style will reinforce any minor price increase.

- Merchandise in stores will be organized as a lifestyle storytelling display according to each collection and season. 


Mentor: Mary Alonso 

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